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I’ve been in the residential mortgage industry since 2004, through the “Bubble” and then the “Mortgage Crisis”. I’ve seen just about every side of the residential lending business: I’ve worked as a Personal Mortgage Planner for a mortgage broker, I’ve worked for the State of California as a Senior Deputy Commissioner in the Enforcement Division fighting real estate fraud and scammers, I’ve worked for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) as a Senior Fraud Investigator, and now I’m on the customer service aside again,with a direct lender, Finance of America.

Through all that experience it has been my personal commitment to serve the consumer. As an investigator that meant I would protect and fight for the consumer. Now, returning to my role as a Mortgage Advisor, it means that I treat every client with honesty and focus on what will benefit them the most in the long term. I strive to not be “salesy” but to talk straight with my clients. Once I accept a client, I will fight tooth and nail to get them the deal they expect and to protect them from the dangers of our industry.

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