California Mortgage Professionals: Join CAMP!

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I finally decided to join the California Association of Mortgage Professionals.

They sold me when they pointed out the obscene amount of money spent by the National Association of Realtors lobbying Legislators. They then correct pointed out that spending the second highest amount of bribes, I mean “political contributions,” resulted in absolutely no new legislation that affected the ability of Realtors to work or make a living. Compare that to the amount of money spent by the Loan Originators lobby. The National Association of Mortgage Bankers (with which CAMP is affiliated) isn’t even on the map when it comes to relative spending and look at how many changes have affected us in the last seven years.

At first I was sickened by how blatantly skewed our political system is by money. It is not ideals or a drive for the common good which guides our elected officials. It is the almighty dollar.

After recovering from my revulsion I realized that in order to play the game I had to get dirty just like everyone else…

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